The OTC promotes transportation research that attempts to solve local as well as regional transportation problems. Currently, the OTC is sponsoring the following research initiatives:


Completed Research:

“Determination of Traffic Control Device Selection for Nighttime Maintenance of Traffic”
Dr. Deborah S. McAvoy, Ohio University

“Development and Testing of an Automated Turning Movement Identification System” 
Dr. Ping Yi, The University of Akron

“Kent State University”s Sustainable Transportation Initiative”
Dr. David Kaplan, Kent State University

“Planning for Multi-University Educational Activities Based on OSU Campus Smart Transit System and Administrative Activities in Support of OTC” 
Dr. Mark McCord, The Ohio State University

“Characterize Dynamic Dilemma Zone and Minimize its Effect at Signalized Intersections” 
Dr. Heng Wei, University of Cincinnati

“Developing an Economical and Reliable Test for Measuring the Resilient Modulus and Poisson?s Ratio of Subgrade”
Dr. Xiangwu (David) Zeng, Case Western Reserve University

“Linking Sustainable Transportation in a University Community”
Dr. David H. Kaplan, Kent State University

“On-Road Mobile Source Pollutant Emissions: Identifying Hotspots and Ranking Roads”
Dr. Ramanitharan Kandiah, Central State University

“Optimal Loop Placement and Models for Length-based Vehicle Classification and Stop-and-Go Traffic”
Dr. Heng Wei, University of Cincinnati, Dr. Ping Yi, The University of Akron, Dr. Deogratias Eustace, University of Dayton

“Feasibility of Using Cone Penetrometer Truck (CPT) to Install Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and Fiber Optic Slope Failure Detectors in Pavement Structures”
Dr. Shad Sargand, Ohio University

“Evaluation of Dynamic Speed Signs”
Deborah S. McAvoy, Ohio University

“An Innovative Non-contact Sensing Platform to Prevent Traffic Accident due to Driver Drowsiness”
Dr. Bill Yu, Case Western Reserve University

“LIDAR Based Vehicle Classification”
Dr. Benjamin Coifman, The Ohio State University

“Integrating Traffic Operation with Emission Impact using Dual-loop Data”
Dr. Heng Wei, University of Cincinnati and Co-PI Dr. Mingming Lu, University of Cincinnati

“Developing a Bike-Sharing Program at Kent State University and Kent, Ohio”
David H. Kaplan, Kent State University

Final research reports for all completed projects can be found on the publications page.