Technology Transfer

The technology transfer program will provide research results to potential users in a form that can be directly implemented, utilized, or otherwise applied. A variety of technology transfer mechanisms will be used to distribute the Center’s findings including seminars, symposiums and workshops.

Congratulations to the following student presenters who received recognition for their Outstanding Presentations at the 2010 Ohio UTC Student Research Conference.


Sean Sheppard, Ethan Matthews, Zachary Linkous and Sherry Ackerman,
The University of Toledo – Solar Car Team, UT Solar Car Project


Zhixia Li (on right, shown with his advisor Dr. Heng Wei), University of Cincinnati,
Dynamic Dilemma Zone at Signalized Intersections: Safety Issue and Solutions

Amar Shukla, Youngstown State University, Causes of Bumps at Pavement-Bridge Interface

The Ohio UTC Student Research Conference was sponsored by the Ohio Transportation Consortium, Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering, Intermodal Transportation Institute, and University Transportation Center – Cleveland State University and was held November 12, 2010 at The University of Akron. For abstract summaries of all of the presentations, please refer to the link titled 2010 Ohio UTC Student Research Conference Abstract Summaries found on the Publications page